Friday, September 24, 2010


I took some photos whilst walking my dog near my house today. Being the cheerful person I am I found myself in the local derelict church and cemetry! I was completely alone but it was a lovely autumn day and very peaceful, a good place to clear your head. I also took some fotos of my neighbours, the sheep. The song is one of my favorites at the moment and I thought it suited the tone of the photos. It is called La Collina dei ciliegi by Lucio Battista.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


I have decided enough messing around.... it's time to get serious so I am clearing up my spare/junk room and making it into a super sleek studio where I can organize myself in an atmosphere conducive to creativity!!!!! I have consulted Feng shui specialists and know where to put all my chakras (actually I haven't and wot's a chakra? can you buy one in Lidl on offer???) Anyway my mission for this coming week is to completely organize everything and get rid of all my junk!!!!! I have decided to paint one of the walls but can't decide on blue, pink or green....I'll get back to that one!!