Thursday, July 28, 2011


  by helencarter1001
, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

I returned to Hotel Su Gologone on Tuesday in Oliena.... It definitely is my favourite place to relax here. The countryside around it is stunning and even when it's busy at the hotel the service is great. I was also in Orgosolo for the afternoon, a town infamous for it's bandits and kidnapping! Now it's famous for it's murals (definitely inspired by Picasso's Guernica) I have to laugh every time I see a road sign here because there are always bullet holes.... They are obviously used for target practice! Look at the door in the photo I'm posting it is full of bullet holes!!! Obviously Saturday nights are interesting there!!I was at one of 5 biggest houses in Orgosolo owned by the Corraines family, Sa Dommo e sos Corraines. It was built in 1907 with 4 floors and 15 rooms....they were definitely the bigwigs of the town. I was shown around by the daughter who runs the house as a museum. After she gives you a glass of wine and a homemade pastry/sweet... All for a fiver!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hotel Su Gologone

  by helencarter1001
, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Whislt I was in Nuoro I stayed in a lovely hotel in the mountains near Nuoro called Su Gologone. it has it's own art collection, a jacuzzi on the terrace of my room, right in the mountains....Gorgeous! There is only internet connection in the lobby and there is no room service (I think...I didn't ask) but it is easily one of the best hotels I've stayed in recently... really homely and comfortable. The area is beautiful too with a lake nearby and the sea not too far away. I found a beach which is easily my favorite so far.. I love the pine trees etc and there weren't too many people... I spent two lovely days there and am going back next week for a second look.... ahhh the beach is called Capo Comino

Capo Comino Sardinia

Capo Comino Sardinia by helencarter1001
Capo Comino Sardinia, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Best beach in Sardinia.....this week!!!!!

Dreamtime exhibition, Nuoro sardinia

I went to see an exhibition of aboriginial contemporary art at the Museo Man in Nuoro yesterday. It is on until the beginning of August and if you are in Sardinia and want can spare the time away from the beach it's interesting to see. I like the museum too... it is always empty and you can walk around and take your time. They always seem to have something interesting on and things that you wouldn't expect.... such as aboriginal contemporary art... I have other photos on Flickr if you are interested just click on this photo to take you to my flickr page.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

la sfilata della madonna delle grazie, Iglesias

Some more photos of my trip to Sardinia. I took them with my iphone and then edited them with an app called Snapseed.

La sfilata della Madonna della Grazia

Boats in Portoscuso

Boats in Portoscuso by helencarter1001
Boats in Portoscuso, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Sinking boat, Portoscuso, Sardinia


AnChors by helencarter1001
AnChors, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

BoAt in the harbour, Portoscuso, Sardinia

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sunset in Iglesias

Sunset in Iglesias by helencarter1001
Sunset in Iglesias, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

I am finally here in least for the summer. It's hot hot hot and I don't know if I'll be able to lift a pencil without breaking into a sweat but at least I can take some lovely(hopefully) photos. I took this as I arrived into Iglesias after driving solid for three days with a child, a pug and a guinea pig for company!!! And just to make it that much more interesting, the pug came into season for the first time on the journey here!!! Anyway lovely sunset!