Friday, July 22, 2011

Hotel Su Gologone

  by helencarter1001
, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

Whislt I was in Nuoro I stayed in a lovely hotel in the mountains near Nuoro called Su Gologone. it has it's own art collection, a jacuzzi on the terrace of my room, right in the mountains....Gorgeous! There is only internet connection in the lobby and there is no room service (I think...I didn't ask) but it is easily one of the best hotels I've stayed in recently... really homely and comfortable. The area is beautiful too with a lake nearby and the sea not too far away. I found a beach which is easily my favorite so far.. I love the pine trees etc and there weren't too many people... I spent two lovely days there and am going back next week for a second look.... ahhh the beach is called Capo Comino

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