Wednesday, April 20, 2011

another collage done with bits cut out from old fashion magazine. This time I used spray paint for the background. I made a stencil of skull and cross bones because she kind of look like the Angel of death to me. Things I've learnt from this piece:
1. Do not be impatient and let the paint dry before you go onto the next stage.
2. glue the flimsy magazine fragments to a piece of stiffer card/paper otherwise you can see airpockets.
3. Always, always use masking tape when you are spraying the stencils. No matter how well you think the piece underneath is protected... the spraypaint will find a way in!!
4. wash hands regularly so as to avoid smudging and dirty glue marks.
This and the last piece (the woman in Red 1) are really just test pieces for something bigger and better!!!!!!!!! so I haven't added much detail to the background.
That's all folks!

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