Saturday, May 14, 2011


Ladybird by helencarter1001
Ladybird, a photo by helencarter1001 on Flickr.

I had a brainwave this morning. I was clearing out some rubbish and noticed that I had kept loads of cardboard boxes. Then I thought about using them to draw on....then I remembered that they had different layers so I grabbed my scalpel and started cutting away. This picture was done just to see what it would look like... You can see that I haven't positioned it very well so that there wasn't enough room for the bottom right hand corner but I was still quite happy with how it turned out... I like the texture and the different shades of each layer. So now I'm going to do a real picture with all four corners....and it just occurred to me that I'm also being very environmentally friendly at the same time!!!!!!


barbara said...

Cool technique! Very inspiring.

Helen Carter said...

Thanks a lot... actually quite therapeutic too.... all that cutting!!! :)